Office of Research and Development at The Queen's Medical Center

The Research Business Office provides services to investigators in various scopes, some of which are: grant application support, fiscal and administrative support, and clinical trial agreement development & execution.

Grant Application Support

Fiscal and Administrative Support

Clinical Trial Agreement Development & Execution

Schedule of Fees

The following are The Queen's Medical Center's start-up and ongoing fees for clinical trials. Inclusive of overhead, final fees are subject to contract negotiation. All start-up fees are assessed independent of IRB approval or subject enrollment and are non-refundable. All fees are subject to change. Please note that in addition to the business fees, your study will also occur IRB related fees.

Start-up fees:
Ongoing fees:
Close-out fees:

Contact Information

For any questions, contact:

Sheila Dela Cruz
Manager, Research Business Office
Phone: 808.691.7409
Fax: 808.691.5079