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» Determine Which IRB to Use & Frequently Asked Questions
» Step 1. How to Submit a Protocol for Scientific Administrative Review (SAR)
» Step 2. How to Submit a Protocol for RIRC/IRB Review

Step 2. How to Submit a Protocol for RIRC/IRB Review

  1. Receive comments, suggestions, and overall recommendation from the Scientific Administrative Review (SAR) team.
  2. For new protocol submissions to the RIRC, create (4) single-sided copies of all necessary materials (exception: if you are proposing only a Retrospective Review, include (3) single-sided copies).
  3. No electronic or fax copies are being accepted at this time. Please send hardcopies to:
    Chairman, Research & Institutional Review Committee (RIRC)
    The Queen's Medical Center
    1301 Punchbowl Street, UH Tower 505
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
  4. Timeline: RIRC meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month. Proposals must be submitted for review at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting of the RIRC. Incomplete packets may delay review of research applications, so please check to be sure that all application materials are complete.
  5. If you have not done so previously, download and read the HIPAA Training Manual. Sign and return the acknowledgement form to the Research Regulatory Office. Please also have your sub-investigators and research staff read and sign the acknowledgement. EVERYONE who will have access to QMC must read the material and sign the acknowledgement. Failure to have a signed acknowledgement may slow future submissions to the RIRC since we must have your acknowledgement on file.

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Ohta at 808.691.4512

Forms Download

All New Prospective Protocols Only pdf format doc format
Forms 1-9, 11-13
(Fill-out and save both PDF and Doc versions*)
pdf doc
All New Retrospective Record Reviews Only    
Forms 1-4, 12-13
(Fill-out and save both PDF and Doc versions*)
pdf doc
Serious Adverse Events (SAE) Reporting Requirements    
SAE Reporting Requirements pdf doc
HIPAA Training Manual and Acknowledgement Form    
HIPAA Training Manual pdf doc
Additional Templates    
Consent Form Guidelines and Template N/A doc
Separate HIPAA Authorization Addendum to Consent Form Template pdf doc
Sample Letters of Agreement    
Letter to Co-Investigator pdf doc
Letter to Other Department pdf doc
Protocol Templates    
Retrospective Study Protocol Templates (please read for more info) N/A doc
Prospective Study Protocol Templates N/A doc
Case Report Protocol Templates N/A doc
RIRC SOP Informed Consent pdf N/A
RIRC SOP Research Subjects pdf N/A
RIRC SOP Review Procedure pdf N/A
RIRC SOP Research Record Keeping Requirements pdf N/A
RIRC SOP Adverse Event and Unanticipated Event Reporting pdf N/A
RIRC SOP FDA requirements pdf N/A
RIRC NonCompliance Reporting pdf N/A

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is required and freely available to view pdf forms.
Adobe Reader 8 or later is required to save data in completed forms.