Office of Research and Development at The Queen's Medical Center

The Queen's Medical Center (QMC) Animal Care Committee ensures that the use of vertebrate animals in the biomedical biological sciences for research and teaching/training is a special privilege, and that these activities are conducted in a way that fulfills all moral, ethical and legal responsibilities.

All investigators conducting research or teaching/training sessions involving animals at QMC must submit a complete protocol and animal use application packets for review and receive approval by the Animal Care Committee (ACC) before beginning their research. Incomplete packets may delay the process.

Instructions for Applications

  1. Note: Scientific Administrative Review (SAR) is NOT required for animal subject research at QMC.
  2. Download, read, and print a copy of Guidelines for Research Applications: Animals, and keep for your records.
  3. Fill in Forms 1-5 if submitting a new application. Fill in Form 6 if renewing a current study.
  4. Include the "Letters of Agreement" as per the guidelines.
  5. No electronic or fax copies are being accepted at this time. Please mail all required copies of the Forms, Scientific Protocol, and Letters of Agreement to:
    Animal Care Committee
    The Queen's Medical Center
    1301 Punchbowl Street, UH Tower 505
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
  6. Timeline: An ACC meeting will usually be convened within 4 weeks of submission receipt. Letters are sent within a week of each meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Ohta at 808.691.4512

Forms Download

Form Name pdf format doc format
Guidelines for Research Applications: Animals pdf doc
Forms 1-5 pdf doc
Form 6: Annual Status Report/Final Report pdf doc
Sample Letters of Agreement    
Letters to Co-Investigator, Other Departments, and Veterinarian pdf doc

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is required and freely available to view pdf forms.